Hello Tuesday: 25.11.14


It was the Affordable Art Fair over the weekend in Singapore, and we bought our first piece of art. Yay! All we need now is a new home with large walls and we are set.

We love taking Nellie to art fairs and exhibitions although it could be a tiring affair trying to get her to not touch everything in sight. However, seeing her little curious mind seeking out familiar images and colours, and interpreting visuals into context that she could relate to was just so amazing. Like she was particularly taken with a certain piece of modern sculpture and told me with a glee face that it was ‘mommy and baby’. Awww..

And yes the above pic is a painting that my 22 month old made at the Fair.

Have a great week ahead.

. Unfortunately I need to ‘wear’ my armor, do you?

. Just discovered this blog and I am inspired

. The Little Mermaid has been getting a lil ‘flak’ these days (I know.. I know..), is it because she is truly a lamentable role model or has the idea of feminism evolved?

. This social experiment is pretty shocking.

. and how about this? And what will you do in this instance?

. This is one of the reasons why I buy organic wheat products.

. I want to try this recipe

. I love these!

. Sometimes less IS more

. Information overload? Nah, give it to me!

. Would you?

. …but I also believe that not all women need to be a mother.

. Whilst I lament loads about raising a spirited child, having a strong-willed child should be celebrated!

. I miss London


Hello Tuesday: 11.11.14


Over the weekend, the husband and I managed to catch ‘Interstellar’ – Chris Nolan’s big budget space opera.

Some have questioned it’s ‘science’, others found it overtly sentimental (like myself) and certain plot holes might have left a few audiences cold. Nevertheless I did enjoy it; a lot in fact, and in my humble opinion, I think it is one of the better sci-fi flick since ‘2001; The Space Odyssey’.

Comparison to ‘Gravity’ is inevitable but I think its an unequal one. While Alonso Cuaron’s work was a restrained masterpiece relaying on the nuances of beautiful storytelling, Interstellar on the other hand was a visual spectacle. From it big budget effects, glorious sets & locations to its endless parade of Hollywood stars, its not exactly a fair comparison to a story about a solitary woman marooned in space.

Watch it, or don’t. Have a fab week ahead.


. John Lewis, you have done it again!

. Now you too can own your own a batmobile

. Do you prefer Jonathon or Christopher’s vision?

. Love it!

. What would William Gibson think of today?

. TS might have pulled out of spotify, but here is her album ‘1989′ under 4 minutes. Good stuff.

. What if Dorian was a blogger?

. Do you believe?

. For the book and art lover

. Agree to points made but do they really…?

. So are you a helicopter parent?


Hello Tuesday: 04.11.14


Where the hell have I disappeared to! And what?! Is it November already?

The last couple of months have been trying; on the parenting front, work and everything else in between. I have been a full fledge soccer mom, a repeat patron of the ER, the nightmare project manager and a not so domestic goddess. I need to sleep till X’mas to recuperate.

Below are some interesting links from the past week. Enjoy!

. I love social experiments. The take out from this – just give them the baked goods.

. Is he a rock star of the religious world or just plain controversial?

. This Jim Carrey’s spoof is pretty awesome. But here is the original ad as well.

. I don’t think this revelation surprises me.

. The times have changed

. True dat!

. If the husband did that when I was in labour, I would have socked him in the nuts. Entertaining nevertheless.

. Would you pay $25o or be the daredevil yourself?

. I love em’ fritters. Yummmmm…..

. This angered quite a few in the book community. Some has asserted on the importance of anonymity, some has openly lauded the actions of the author and the disbelief from many in between. What do you think?

. Now, who is a GINORMOUS Hello Kitty fan?

Hello Tuesday: 02.09.14


It has been a crazy 2 weeks with the wee one hospitalised for a nasty chest infection. With a sickly child permanently attached to my hips and mommy coerced into sharing the tiny hospital cot at night, I ended up catching that same darn virus and with a terrible back in tow.

As fate would have it, that weekend gateaway with friends in Penang that had been planned for eons finally crept up on us at the worst time possible, and I was all ready to forgo the trip and stay home with the bubba. After much cajoling and assurance from the husband that she has recovered, we went ahead and left her in the trusty care of the grandparents. On hindsight, it was a great move cos’ she had a great time with her papa and mama, whilst mommy & daddy managed to get some r&r and sampled the many great delights of Penang. *Char Kway Teow….Burp* Yes, we also managed to catch some of the artworks of Mr Zacharevic aka the Banksy of Penang.

I am not going bore you with links on the Ice Bucket Challenge, the great iCloud hack or that Hello Kitty is not actually a cat for I am sure you must be inundated with them all over your Facebook newsfeed. *cue collective gasp*

Enjoy the links below.

. Would you give it all up and live like this?

. Move over Banksy, here comes Bambi!

. Love it!

. Good lordy

. If only….

. Gah!!!! My eyes. My eyes.….

. Talk about an innovation with a real consumer need! 😛

. Another reason to start drinking?

. My respect for war journalism hold no bounds. Thank you Jim Foley.

. Maybe this might get the husband to help with the chores.

. I might have left this colourful city, but it still fascinates me.

. Somehow I am most surprised by number 3.

. Pretty good analogy though I am not sure how I am going to approach this in future.

Have a ballin’ week ahead!

Hello Tuesday: 12.08.14


Today is a special day. It’s my baby attending playgroup for the first time; all by herself and without mommy.

Nellie has always been fiercely independent, lion-hearted and vivacious. But she is also a spirited child; highly prone to emotional outbursts and at times highly irrepressible. It was natural for me to be worried despite the husband’s confidence (and perhaps nonchalance) that she will be fine.

Nellie gave me a quick kiss and waved a quick goodbye when I dropped her off this morning before skipping off to play amongst her new friends. No tears, no dramas as I waited outside her class for a full 15 mins before I felt confident enough to leave the school grounds. I was bracing myself when I returned 3 hours later, expecting horror stories of tantrums and tears. Instead I was greeted by a beaming toddler with a brilliant bright smile, hurtling towards me squealing ‘Mommy!’ like she just had the best time of her life.

I should be happy and pleased as punch with my child’s stellar performance. I mean, of cause I am. How can I not be? But I am not going to lie, I am feeling a little bittersweet that my baby is growing up. A little by little, day by day she will be needing me less and less. Soon, she will be my baby no more. 😦

Below are some interesting links. Have a fab week and give someone you love a hug!

. 29 vs 31

. Something to think about if you are considering the “attachment parenting” route

. Hah! Some gift ideas? Maybe not?

. An interesting read (albeit long) read

. I am pretty selective about giving ‘likes’ things on Facebook, what about you?

. He who gives the most laugh is the saddest deep within. “Oh Captain my Captain!

. I want one!

. The Economics of Jan Austen

. The Hachette/ Amazon fight goes Orwellian

. Ahhh, yes… He did kinda f***ed up

. I use it as a hair mask… and in my curries.

. I am going “with hummus”

. “Fashion fade, Style is eternal

Hello Tuesday: 24.06.14


It’s the second week of the World Cup and we have already witnessed the unexpected (the previous World Cup winner, Spain bowing out early) and the expected (England bowing out early). I am not a football fan and I am not exactly supporting any team in particular; but I will be heading to Brazil late next week to catch a game and its party time! Whoop.

Have a fantastic week ahead! Below are some interesting links

. Would you like to add the stench of bad breath & flatulence to your food?

. Now, what else would you do for beauty?

. Besides the 10 steps beauty routine, give yourself the Korean facial massage.

. You are who you are because of how you were potty trained?

. Hot convict might not be that hot afterall.

. 20 parenting tips to know

. Interesting

. Pretty!

. Beauty tech, the next big thing?

. Pretty cool

. Yes, its confusing enough already!

. Not sure about making you smarter but they are pretty informative

. Reasons to watch the World Cup!


Hello Tueday: 17.06.14


Now now.. Where have I disappeared to for the last 2 months?

In a nutshell: we packed up our lives in Hong Kong (all 150 boxes), moved to Singapore, trying to adjust to the ridiculous heat (while trying to find somewhere to live & unpack those damn boxes) and attempting to regain some semblance in our lives.

But everything is OK!

How has everyone been?

. Now, you might think twice about going organic

. This article has cause a firestorm in the book blogging world in the last 2 weeks, but this is the most hilarious-tastic rebutal

. Another perfect reason for me to continue day dreaming

. No shit Sherlock

. It doesn’t matter, now, where it started and why and whose fault it is. I can’t blame the culture for a standard that derives its power from my willingness to believe it. The only way to pull myself out of it is to “seize my agency” (as he put it), and find a way to break free.

. The truth about outlet stores?

. This is one cookbook that I wanna lay my hands on

. Amazing

. Hah!

. This is something I can totally get on board with

. The loaded leg

. We love sneakers!

. And before I forgot, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Hello Tuesday: 01.04.14



I am still reeling from the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. Ok not spoilers here but are the producers pulling an April Fool’s joke on us?

Here are some links:

. What kind of parent are you?

. Which is worse?

. Something for the beer lovers.

. I do believe moderation is key

. As a parent, I find this incredibly disturbing

. A sweet idea

. How many books do you read in a week?

. Wanna be a writer, go find a shed!

. Some great tips

. Interesting concept but would you pay this much for it?

. hmmm.. How do you spend your day?

Have a fab week ahead.

Hello Tuesday: 18.03.14


Its been more than a week and the ill fated MH370 is still yet to be found. Has it been hijacked? Abducted by aliens? Or crash landed on a deserted tropical island with polar bears and the smoke monster?

Well, there are so many theories out there that it is almost like a real life Hollywood movie.

My prayers and thoughts are with the 239 onboard the plane.

Below are the links.

. Have you had your pint of Guinness? Fun facts about St Paddy’s day

. Things to know about coffee. And what do you think of trying this?

. Talk about being a rat in a wheel

. So amazing

. Model, stylist, fashion designer and girlfriend of a rock star. RIP L’Wren Scott

. Milk. Are they really good or bad? What’s your take?

. ….or how about algae milk?

. That is the reason why all my toddler wants is cakes

. These ads bring back memories and it is telling of my age

. I can’t barely do a proper downward dog but these pics rock

. The real difference between farmed and wild fish

Have a amazing tuesday!

Hello Tuesday: 11.03.14


The weather here in Hong Kong has been pretty shite over the last two weeks. It has been cold, rainy and misty as hell. I am cooped up at home with an over active toddler who is missing her playground time and wanting to play hide and seek ALL DAY LONG.

Sometimes I get bat shit crazy when I have to run around the house trying to get her to eat her lunch or that there is always an audience when I try to pee/poop. But when she snuggles up to me, calls me mama and falls asleep in my arms, its pretty awesome – especially with Sigur Ros playing in the background.

Below are some of the links for this week.

. Is this sweet revenge or crawling back with her expensive tail between her legs? Chezza’s back and I love it!

. Ban Bossy! I can totally get behind this.

. ‘If I could, I would!’ Would you?

. So darn cute

. “Our bad choices can contain untold loss, remorse, and regret, but the positive value of these bad choices might be immeasurable if we can face them, admit to them, learn from them and find the strength to share,”

. Ok, this makes me feel so old

. The biggest winner at the Oscars!

. Daddy of the year?

. Stunning

. I am a builder’s tea cuppa girl. Do you know your black tea?

. First kiss is the always the sweetest?

. A little girl with a big heart

. Globalisation and well intentions?

. Tides have change.

Have a great Tuesday.